4 Habits Every Motorcycling Advocate Should Have


There are a few habits every motorcycle advocate should learn and adapt to their lives. These things should be learned from the beginning and are necessary for a regular rider. While some bikers need a mentor to teach them, others manage to learn these things by themselves. In this article, we’ll explain some of these habits.

Keep Heels Close To the “Diamonds”

All motorcycles, especially sports bikes, have diamond-shaped metal plates next to the pegs, which separate the foot from the inside of the bike. These diamonds play an important role because they prevent the bike from becoming unstable.

4 Habits Every Motorcycling Advocate Should Have Keep Heels Close To the Diamonds - 4 Habits Every Motorcycling Advocate Should Have

Be Loose On Top but Tight On the Bottom

There are diverse ways to ride a bike, but when it comes to positions, keeping the bottom tight and the top loose is best. This means you should exert pressure on your thighs keeping them tight and press into the bike using your ankles also. This guarantees the stability of your bike at speeds over 60 mph.

Take Turns Outside-Inside-Outside

Turning on a motorcycle is complicated because you have to worry about other factors like entry speed, lean angle, and your capacity to brake in the middle of it.

To turn on a bike, the first thing you should do is to line the motorcycle up because this is the best method to exit on the outside, turn towards the same direction, and turn inwards.

Don’t Brake or Accelerate On a Turn

Finally, avoid braking or accelerating while turning. When you lean over in a turn, the motorcycle tends to straighten up. If you want to push the brake, it’s recommended to do it after the apex of the turn or otherwise, you could fall off the bike.

While some riders learn these habits easily, others grasp them after having an accident. There are many more of them actually, but these are the most important habits everybody must have at the moment of riding a motorcycle.

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