7 Motorcycle Facts Everyone Should Know About


When we have a motorcycle, we take care of it like a child and we make sure everything goes fine. Although we claim to be passionate about these machines, we probably know little about their history.

Bikes have been always in constant evolution. Let’s see some of the best brands that have evolvedmost.

1867 – The First One

We can say the first motorcycle or steam-powered vehicle on two wheels appeared in 1867. Although it didn’t have the same design of modern bikes, it was fairly similar. In 1881, another model like the one of 1867 appeared but included some variations.

This time, the steam boiler was much smaller and powerful as to ride up to 12 mph.

1885 – The First Gas-Powered Engine for Bikes

In 1885, the evolution of the motorcycle leapt thanks to the German partners Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Mayback, the creators of the first gas-powered engines for bikes.

In the interim, the renowned engineer Nicolaus Otto, who had previously invented the four-stroke internal combustion engine in 1876, assisted them. After that, they opened Triumph Motorcycles, a company that gained popularity in England.

1887 – Yamaha Opens Its Doors, But nor for Bikes

In 1887, Yamaha opened its doors, but as a piano manufacturer. Today, Yamaha manufactures many products and is one of the best value companies around the world. Not only do they produce motorcycles, but also industrial robots, golf carts, and wheelchairs.

1894 – Hildebrand and Wolfmuller is the First Manufacturer

The first bike manufacturer opened in 1894 by the name of Hildebrand and Wolfmuller in Germany. This same company gave the name by which we know these vehicles: motorcycles. In 1900, the world motorcycle was widely known.

60’s and 70’s– Honda turns up

Some decades later, Honda started to produce motorized bicycles. Founder Soichiro reinvented himself with engines for this type of vehicle during the post-war period. By 1964, Honda was already leading the motorcycle market.


This company came on stage at the turn of the 20th century when the owners decided to give a try in another market. Suzuki was formerly a silk producer. Among their best motorcycle versions, they have the Suzuki GFX250R-6, which was released in 2018.


BWM ventured into this industry discreetly with telescope forks in 1932. Now, they specialize in manufacturing big motorcycles.

The history and evolution of bikes speak for itself and there’s no doubt about it. Many companies dabbled in other industries before they ended up manufacturing motorcycles. The biking market will continue to grow, becoming even more profitable.

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