Basic Motorcycle Facts You’ll Learn in Class


Learning to ride a bike requires time, and maybe a training course could be necessary to improve riding skills. Today, there are many courses to learn about cycling, however, most people prefer not to take them because they find them useless.

Regardless of what your decision is, they will teach you the same you will learn by yourself, even much more. These classes are designed to teach all-level riders.

M1 to M2 Training

In this course, you will learn how to ride a bike with confidence and get tips on safe riding. M1 and M2 are part of the training courses developed by the Canada Safety Council, in which people are taught everything from the basics to the most complex tricks.

The first classes are about the correct use of motorcycle gear, walking, and starting a bike. After that, classes become naturally more difficult with material on braking, clutch control, and swerving.


Again, this is another course where students learn how to gain self-confidence when riding a motorcycle. It provides the same material of M1 – M2 training.

Learn To Ride

Learn to Ride is a course that offers free registration. They accept students of all ages and levels. Here, you will learn to balance, start, stop, and steer a bike properly. The methods they use are safe and efficient.

Teachers do not rush and make sure all students are clear about the content given. Each class lasts two hours, meaning it won’t affect your routine.

Normally, bike schools start by teaching you the fundamental skills. Below is a list of the things you might learn in a bike-training course.

You will learn to brake

Braking is one of the most difficult aspects of riding. All roads have curves and manoeuvring on them is tricky because of weight and balance. In these courses, instructors show you what to do and not to do when braking.

The use of helmet

All accredited bike schools emphasize safe riding. Generally, they recommend purchasing motorcycle gear for protection and accident prevention. Putting on a helmet may sound easy, but they will equally teach you its proper use.

Recreational use of bikes

They teach you that motorcycles are great for recreational use and trips. They make sure you understand that you can’t use it for racing unless you’re an experienced biker. Besides, it’s fun to know that you’ll be able to Play Royal Vegas once you’ve finished your daily lesson.

You can apply to many courses available. These classes are said to boost self- confidence while riding. To ensure students are in a safe environment, all classes are given in places with no traffic.

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